Tuesday, 28 August 2007

How do we see?

I feel that Mel's comment warrants its own post, (or its own many posts due to the amount of amazing things she mentioned!) So here is the first of those:

Now scientifically how we see can be explained - why some people are short or long sighted can also be explained, and yet when you stop to think about it for long enough, can you help but go, 'woah'? I mean, seriously, how incredible is that process. Learning about it, it all seems so complicated, and yet it just happens.

I find it so funny that we can spend so long in this world figuring out how things work - learning how to explain things, and thinking we are so clever for it, but all those things would happen whether we understood them or not.

Thanks to the ability of some people to be able to work these things out we now have things like glasses and contact lenses to help correct the things that don't work properly for whatever reason, and so there is a definite advantage to science for these reasons - and yet before science explained it, people were able to see and understand what it was they were seeing. How amazing.

If there was ever a case for not needing to understand stuff to believe it...!

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